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    After months of work, we’re pleased to release the newest version of the DogeCash wallet. This wallet represents a huge step forward in the development of the new era of DogeCash.

    From his many features, we can highlight the following:

    • Application of the new DogeCash coin economics:
      • 5 DOGEC block reward
      • 15,000 DOGEC masternode
      • New Gov/Governance budgets
    • PIVX v5.1 codebase
    • Optimized GUI/Daemon
    • Seed server implementation
    • Better cold staking performance/handling


    For your security take into consideration that:

    • The team will NEVER contact you through DM to help you with the update
    • The team will NEVER require access to your computer to help you
    • The team will NEVER require the output from the commands listed in this article.

    Though we didn’t make any change in the network, this new release handles your wallet.dat differently than the past versions, so you’ll need to follow this guide to update the wallet.

    1. Make a backup from your old wallet Settings -> Wallet Data -> Wallet -> Backup

    2. Go to Send -> Coin Control

    3. Right-click -> copy address (you’ll do this with all the addresses with balance):

    4. Go to Settings -> Debug -> Console and in the field add:

    dumpprivkey <your address here>

    Then press enter.

    This will return a string. Save it. You’ll need it to import the coins of the address into the new wallet. Be really careful with this: Anyone who gets that key, will have access to your coins. Save it in a secure way, and delete it once the update is finished.

    5. Repeat this process with all the addresses with balance.

    6. Install the newest wallet. You can get the regular Windows, Mac, and Linux wallets by clicking here. Alternative downloads at our Github.

    If you’re NOT using the packaged versions (dogecash-5.4.1-win64-setup-unsigned.exe, dogecash-5.4.1-osx-unsigned.dmg) but the binaries directly (dogecash-qt, dogecashd, etc…). Follow these steps before running the wallet

    • Located in the downloaded folder (cd folder) run: sudo chmod +x

    • Then run: ./

    • You’re ready to run the wallet as usual.

    7. Open the new wallet

    8. Go to Settings -> Debug -> Console, and in the field, you’ll add:

    importprivkey <the private key you extracted in the old wallet>

    Press enter.

    Once it is complete, you will see a return prompt (little arrow icon), as seen below.

    9. Repeat this process with all the keys you exported.

    Once your wallet is completely synced, your balance will appear.

    To consider

    • If your wallet is still not showing your balance after the process. Go to Settings -> Debug -> Wallet repair -> Rescan blockchain file


    • If you’re using a seed phrase as a backup for your wallet, you’ll need to know that imported private keys won’t be added to the seed phrase. So you’ll need to have a backup of your wallet.dat or send all your coins to a generated address in the new wallet.


    • You’ll need to create your masternodes again. Consider new collateral is 15,000 DOGEC.

    Problems? Additional questions?

    Join our Discord or Telegram. We’ll be happy to help!

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