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    Hello Doges!

    We’d love to share what has been happening at DogeCash in the background for the past weeks/months.

    As you know, the primary purpose of the coin economics revision we had a few months ago was to define our path as a project and coin.

    Now, as an additional step in this process, we’re releasing our new litepaper. An official statement of the DogeCash purpose as a project:

    As it always has been our biggest dream, we’re following and enforcing the path of creating platforms that offer excellent and valuable utilities to the ecosystem.

    In that sense, we’re happy to announce our active development in the following platforms:

    ‘DogeCash Account’: An account to rule them all.

    This will be a simple wallet & staking/compounding interest pool that will power all our high-quality platforms and services. It will allow users to log in to all our platforms with the same DogeCash account, keeping all their balances available in the entire ecosystem.

    ‘’: the merge between the words literal and art, using a domain with a lot of history (First time registered in 2001!), will replace

    We’re switching from the Streaming niche to the creator’s slot in general. Something more similar to Patreon (with still a lot of tools for Streamers).

    Building awesome features as a browser extension to tip/subscribe to any website or creator on the internet, and connected to DogeCash Account, every tip, and subscription received by any creator will be automatically staking and compounding interest.

    ‘’: You all know this project; The reason I joined DogeCash initially.

    By posting fun memes, users will be able to earn currencies powered by masternodes and staking.

    A platform to highlight the vibrant of the millennial & z-gen generation with the benefits of crypto, and also our own crypto social network – with all the benefits that grants.

    To help us achieve this, our team is growing.

    Let me introduce you to:

    @Lunaria – Alex, from Chile. He is our new UI/UX and designer.
    @Infrative – Christopher, from Ecuador. He is our new front-end and app developer.
    @shaneATX – You all know him already; he barely needs any introduction as he earned his way into our team by being such an active and collaborative member of our community. He’ll be joining our marketing team as content strategist.

    We expect to be releasing a beta of DogeCash Account this month, and the other 2 platforms betas before 2021 ends.

    As if all of this wasn’t enough, we’re also currently applying to several startup incubators to maximize our growth.

    One of them is Lanzadera, the most prominent Spanish business incubator. If you understand Spanish and have the time, you’re welcome to see my video pitch for them here:

    We’re sending more pitches to different incubators and checking the possibilities of getting incorporated as a Spanish company.

    Much news, such exciting. Woohoo!

    Just as a final disclaimer, we do not need investors to develop our platforms – as we haven’t needed them for the last two years. However, as I said before, this could help us to get a more robust and faster growth.

    As always, thanks for all your support – especially in the bad times. DogeCash wouldn’t be anything without you.

    Remember, we are DogeCash. We do not forget (just sometimes we do).

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